Nothing much~~

Just updated the WN list. Ahahaha, I’ve been reading too much for past few days~~ Welp, picking a few more series to be read.

Btw, I’ve got driving course(s) tomorrow as the schedule for this week have been moved a day earlier. Got problem with staffs is what I’ve been informed to from my teacher to be (lol)

So might go to bed early. Just a might tho’ since I’m not the type to go to bed early. Not that I don’t want to, I just can’t unless I’m feeling absolutely tired/sleepy/drowsy/etc. Wish me luck. If you ever read this, that’s it.


Finished reading another~~

Hmm, updated the list(again) since I’ve finished it(to the latest).

Btw I’ll be learning to drive soon. Hmm, the course started on Sunday. Maybe in a month or two I’ll get my driving license. It’s cool and all but I bet all the driving will be handled by me when my father is tired.. Welp, but I’m learning for free so yeah, not gonna complaint~~

Ah, I’m sleepy so I’ll end it here. Phew~~~ Good night~~




Ahahaha my exams have finished which means I’m free~~~
The last paper, Biology hmm…not bad, I guess..? I’m targeting straight As for all 9 subjects. Welp, I can only pray to Him so that my result will be good as I’ve worked and put my effort to it. He will decide what my result is going to be~~

Btw, I’ve updated the web novel list. It’s been a while since I updated it last time. Take note that the reading list is the novels that I’ve read only.

Muehehe, I procrastinated a lot during my exam weeks. I finished reading TnY during that short period of time. Not more than 2 weeks I guess? Welp, not as much as manga lol. The highest record is 11 day for 720+ chapters. I think you can guess which manga since THAT manga is the only one with that much chapters~~

Hmm, talking about manga… I’ve bookmarked a lot. Updating them list may talk a lot of time. Since there’s just too much.


1st day ended. Phew~~

Hmm, Paper 1 for today is…not bad I guess? It’s just I’ve a hard time in the earlier moment since yeah, my brain kinda didn’t work like it was supposed to work. 5 + 7 paragraphs for a total of 7 pages. Not bad~~

Ahahaha, never mind that since what had passed, let it pass right?

For Paper 2…hmm not bad but not that good either. Welp,  I tried to estimate my lowest possible marks and still, I think I’m doing quite well I guess xD
Maybe a little bit of blunders here and there in the answer sheets but what’s past, let it past~~

For tonight, I’ll just review dem novel back. Probably just the synopsis or tl;dr for the whole novel since I want to think about a plot for tomorrow’s essay. Muahahaha, I’m not sure if I would derp my essay like in the trials before. I just want to make sure the examiner laugh and have fun reading my work~~
Not a bad goal but I’m not sure if I can make it fun enough without including some fantasy shit and derpy stuffs. Welp, only time would tell. Too bad that only the examiners will get to read my essays. It would probably be kinda normal stuffs but still funny stuffs ’cause I don’t to bet my future just for fun. I don’t want to live on the streets man~~

Enough ranting I guess? Wish me luck for English papers tomorrow~~


Tomorrow in the morning is the day~~

Less than 7 hours and yes, I’m in front of my lappy. Meh, somehow I couldn’t feel the tension of exams at all.


It’s not like I’m not afraid of failing or not getting straight As but…meh, it’s indescribable so I’ll omit this. It’s just like my last international exam. I played games while my friends are studying. Walk around aimlessly while they are still doing the same doing prep session. Don’t judge me, this is who I am. I can’t change that can I?

I’m off to bed. Wish me luck tomorrow. Straight As c’mon~~


Ugh, shit’s going to happen soon =.=

Welp, the international exam in my country is going to be held soon. How many days left? Er, a little bit more than 1 day but no more than 1 day. Hmm. 2/11/15 at 8.00 A.M.

Boohoo. Nah, jk. I’m not in the mood to study at all. Well, language subjects + history in the first week then a 1 week break. The next subject will carried out next week, after the break. Don’t ask me why the schedule is like this ’cause I don’t effing know. Even if I know, I think it would be a bother to explain. Now that I remember about it… I actually know.

Meh, but let’s not talk about that right now.

I’m losing my drive and all to study. HALP. It’s not like I’m a genius or something but I’m like Kagami Junichirou. Was that his name? Meh, the MC from Denpa Kyoushi. Hmm. I only do what I want. Welp, most of the time, that’s it.

To cut things short, this just a rant. Nothing much. welp. Let’s end this pointless rant and do dem works. Probably not.

Wish me luck peeps. If you ever read this, that’s it.