Ugh, shit’s going to happen soon =.=

Welp, the international exam in my country is going to be held soon. How many days left? Er, a little bit more than 1 day but no more than 1 day. Hmm. 2/11/15 at 8.00 A.M.

Boohoo. Nah, jk. I’m not in the mood to study at all. Well, language subjects + history in the first week then a 1 week break. The next subject will carried out next week, after the break. Don’t ask me why the schedule is like this ’cause I don’t effing know. Even if I know, I think it would be a bother to explain. Now that I remember about it… I actually know.

Meh, but let’s not talk about that right now.

I’m losing my drive and all to study. HALP. It’s not like I’m a genius or something but I’m like Kagami Junichirou. Was that his name? Meh, the MC from Denpa Kyoushi. Hmm. I only do what I want. Welp, most of the time, that’s it.

To cut things short, this just a rant. Nothing much. welp. Let’s end this pointless rant and do dem works. Probably not.

Wish me luck peeps. If you ever read this, that’s it.



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