1st day ended. Phew~~

Hmm, Paper 1 for today is…not bad I guess? It’s just I’ve a hard time in the earlier moment since yeah, my brain kinda didn’t work like it was supposed to work. 5 + 7 paragraphs for a total of 7 pages. Not bad~~

Ahahaha, never mind that since what had passed, let it pass right?

For Paper 2…hmm not bad but not that good either. Welp,  I tried to estimate my lowest possible marks and still, I think I’m doing quite well I guess xD
Maybe a little bit of blunders here and there in the answer sheets but what’s past, let it past~~

For tonight, I’ll just review dem novel back. Probably just the synopsis or tl;dr for the whole novel since I want to think about a plot for tomorrow’s essay. Muahahaha, I’m not sure if I would derp my essay like in the trials before. I just want to make sure the examiner laugh and have fun reading my work~~
Not a bad goal but I’m not sure if I can make it fun enough without including some fantasy shit and derpy stuffs. Welp, only time would tell. Too bad that only the examiners will get to read my essays. It would probably be kinda normal stuffs but still funny stuffs ’cause I don’t to bet my future just for fun. I don’t want to live on the streets man~~

Enough ranting I guess? Wish me luck for English papers tomorrow~~



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