Ahahaha my exams have finished which means I’m free~~~
The last paper, Biology hmm…not bad, I guess..? I’m targeting straight As for all 9 subjects. Welp, I can only pray to Him so that my result will be good as I’ve worked and put my effort to it. He will decide what my result is going to be~~

Btw, I’ve updated the web novel list. It’s been a while since I updated it last time. Take note that the reading list is the novels that I’ve read only.

Muehehe, I procrastinated a lot during my exam weeks. I finished reading TnY during that short period of time. Not more than 2 weeks I guess? Welp, not as much as manga lol. The highest record is 11 day for 720+ chapters. I think you can guess which manga since THAT manga is the only one with that much chapters~~

Hmm, talking about manga… I’ve bookmarked a lot. Updating them list may talk a lot of time. Since there’s just too much.



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